• Zhejiang Zhigao all new series drill machines and compressors in 2018 Bauma China
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  • ZEGA Machinery inviting you to see us during Bauma Shanghai



    ZEGA Machinery will show off its all new series of drill machines and compressors during Bauma Shanghai starting November 27th£¬ 2018. ZEGA has an indoor 450 sqm show space with more than 10 different types of all new machine series£¬including excellent import substitute products such as three and two boom jumbos and the surface drill machines for green mining£¬ etc. With solid technical strength£¬quality and service speak volume for customer market approval£¡ The new series will certainly catch all eyes from the audience attending!

    Feature I£ºNew product series

    During 2018 Bauma Shanghai£¬ many all new products of ZEGA on display£¬ including the following three series£º

    A. Underground equipment£ºsingle£¬two and three boom jumbos plus bolting jumbo

    B. Surface equipment£ºseparated£¬small integrated and integrated automatic drill machines

    C. Screw Compressors:Portable series

     Feature II  Large indoor show place


      ZEGA booth # Hall W5 - 130

     ZEGA events schedule


    Meeting Room:W4-M6

    Meeting Schedule:

    Nov. 27, 14:00-15:30 

    New surface drill product launch and introduction

    Nov. 28, 14:00-15:30   

    Underground New product launch and introduction

     ZEGA may announce other activities and surprises during the show and please watch out.

    See you all at Shanghai Bauma soon!

    Friendly reminder;

    According to the same period of 2017£¬the temperatures were between 8¡æ¡«16¡æ£¬on the cold side£»please make sure bring enough clothes and be prepared.

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